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Safe parking!

About the company

CarNest is making pavilions with different designs and solutions. The materials are resistant, weatherproof, good-looking and functional. The pavilions are visually aerial and good-looking, at the same time irreplaceable in our climate and make the car owner’s life significantly more convenient.

The easiest and quickest way to get rid of scraping the ice and snow is to install a pavilion.

Riding a bicycle is a healthy and budget-friendly driving manner that helps to chance life more liveable and the environment safer. If people live in terraced houses or apartments it is good to keep the bicycle in a bike storage! The pavilion is made of aluminum profile which is strong, safe and doesn’t need repainting.

Bicycle’s pavilion holds bicycles according to needs. It is possible to get the walls as well. Ask for a proposal oliver@carnest.eu or +372 56 225 305.

The cyclists prefer parking to places where their bicycles are safe and protected from the weather changes.

Safe parking!